Community Garden

Our garden is one of the main outreach programs at the AAMHC. It attempts to be an extension of the museum’s gallery space – an installation that is constantly growing thanks to the collaboration of Zuni youth and families. The AAMHC community garden is also unique because only hand tools are used. We show that growing food does not always require an expensive investment in equipment.

Every year during farming season – May to September – the museum invites Zuni members to participate in every step of the gardening process. Along with AAMHC staff, volunteers help to prepare the soil, plant, weed, water, and harvest the crops. The community garden raises awareness and promotes a healthy Zuni lifestyle. By volunteering at our garden you will learn about traditional Zuni gardening practices enabling you to replicate the experience at home.

Transportation and tools are provided. If you are interested in volunteering at our community garden please contact the AAMHC.